Valentin Ferenczi: Homogeneity and Ramsey properties of Lp spaces.

Data: segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2018, às 10h00.

Sala: Auditório Jacy Monteiro

Palestrante: Valentin Ferenczi (IME-USP)

Título: Homogeneity and Ramsey properties of Lp spaces.

Resumo: We shall recall the notions of Fraissé class and Fraissé limit, and relate them to classical properties of isometries and isometric embeddings on subspaces of the classical spaces Lp.
We shall enunciate an approximate Ramsey property satisfied by certain of these spaces,
and relate it to the extreme amenability of their isometry group (proved by Gromov-Milman for p=2 and Giordano-Pestov for other values of p), in the spirit of the Kechris-Pestov Todorcevic correspondance in Fraissé theory.

Joint work with J. Lopez-Abad, B. Mbombo, S. Todorcevic.